Information on September 2019 Applications

Secondary (High) Schools applicants born from 2003-2006; grades 8-11

The Vancouver School Board welcomes secondary international students to apply to its international student program for the 2019-20 school year.  Applications from prospective secondary students will open on October 22, 2018.  Application forms are downloadable from the web page:

1.  Please note that school placement depends on many factors, including the available spaces, the applicant’s age and grade level and anticipated ELL needs.

2.  Applicants are placed in their Canadian age-grade correlated grade.

3.  Applicants aged 17 (born in 2002 or earlier) with minimal English skills are not recommended to enter secondary schools unless prepared to transfer to adult education to complete graduation requirements.   Students normally need at least 2 years to complete BC graduation requirements.  They may be placed at:

        John Oliver           Windermere          Britannia          Charles Tupper

Students aged 18 and older will transfer to South Hill Adult School for 2020-21.

Please contact the International Education Office at for a list of available school spaces. 


Elementary Schools : applicants born from 2007-2014; Kindergarten to grade 7

The Vancouver School Board will open applications on January 14, 2019 for elementary aged international students to apply to its international student program.  Elementary students must live with a parent while studying here.  There are limited seats available for this program.