Summer School Options for Current Students

Final term report cards will be issued to students on June 28th. Be ready with knowledge of summer school options:


Remedial courses help students who have completed but were not successful or received a low 'Pass' to improve to  a maximum  of 63%.

Preview courses are designed to provide a preview of the course that students plan to take in the upcoming school year.

Completion courses are for students who wish to improve their mark or have never taken the subject and would like to complete a course for credit.

Click HERE to see a flyer for secondary courses.  Students in ELL transitional courses who wish to take a Secondary Completion course must present a Letter of Permission from their Home School Principal to the teacher on the first day of class.  


There are many other summer school options for the inquiring mind.  Registration starts on Friday, April 27, 2018.  Visit for more details.